October 28, 2010

camera fund/purging the house update

Update to my camera fund/home selling on ebay and craigs list...feels so good to get rid of stuff almost better than buying it :)

car seat (used maybe 5 times in hubby's car) = $20
Spider Halloween outfit (worn for maybe 20 minutes)=$15
Pottery barn diaper bag (never used and stored for 3 years) = $20
Birthday present from mom and dad $200
small hand bag(had it for at least 8 years) $50.00
bottega Venetta handbag-never used $150.00
Stroller/infant seat $135.00
new unopened game $20.00
Gap Halloween outfit #2 worn for 30 minutes $10.00
gift from friend that I never used(shhh) $100.00
Tod's agenda $30.00
Black wallet never used: $10.00
train table: 50.00
Ex boyfriends camera from 10 years ago: 25.00
Total: $835.00
(this will get me a rebel but I'm trying to kick it up to the next bar in terms of quality for camera's)

October 16, 2010

Office update!

I haven't posted pictures of the office since I moved in all the furniture..still a work in progress but here's an update!

October 11, 2010

moms in business

For all you business minded women out there check out 2010's start up nation mom's in business winners!

Lots of cool ideas, talented & multitasking women out there!

October 9, 2010

Elle Brush'in 9 months

Here is Beans (Elle) brush'in...I know it's a little excessive to have this many pictures of her with a toothbrush. Let's just say I'm capturing the moment because soon she will be talking back to me like her 3 year old brother!

October 8, 2010


I've been drooling over a new camera for months now...rather than throwing the purchase on the credit card (which by the way is paid off) or taking money out of savings I am taking a new approach! I have so much crap around the house that I don't use and stuff that has been stored for ages. I'm on a mission to see how much I can sell on Craig's list and EBay and that will determine my camera choice...good idea eh!

Get rid of lots of crap = fabulous new camera! Plus the added bonus knowing I will not be appearing on the next episode of A&E's Hoarders!
Here's where I'm at currently:

car seat (used maybe 5 times in hubby's car) = $20
Halloween outfit (worn for maybe 20 minutes)=$15
Pottery barn diaper bag (never used and stored for 3 years) = $20
Birthday present from mom and dad $200
small hand bag(had it for at least 8 years) $50.00

Total so far= $305.00

(not bad eh..so okay my mom and dad's gift helped me a lot so I need to get busy with more big ticket items!)

Wish me luck will I get a canon rebel or maybe a canon 7d?
Just exactly how much crap can I get rid of AND how long will it take me?

the pioneerwoman

A friend of a friend, recently recommended this site because it has great photography info (and I'm trying to learn how to use the darn camera) lessons on gear, photoshop/elements and so much more! It's turned out to be such an amazing site I had to share it! The last few nights I've sat in bed reading until my lids are heavy. Her posts and her ability to explain things in really simple terms -- I love! She even has recipes that look like they are to die for and also information about her remodel...love her already! Check it out! The Pioneer Woman.

October 7, 2010

Best 15 minutes of the day!

Everyday I get up between 6am and 7am (unfortunately it's not by the alarm) it's usually being startled awake by the 3 year old or the 8 month old. From the get go we hit the ground running (getting everyone fed, dressed, and ready to get out the door). I wake up looking like one of those troll dolls that you used to spin in between your hands and the hair gets all crazy, so I must fit in a shower and put on my face.

Once everyone is where they are supposed to be, or the nanny has checked in for the day I get to work and the day flies by. Soon... dinner and the same drill, feed, bath, read and get the kids into bed between 7pm and 8pm. Geez.......will I get to the point already. So what I'm trying to say is tonight I took 15 minutes to go in and rock Elle (8 month old) to sleep (she's sick, so she can't suck her thumb and breathe at the same time since her nose is stuffed up so she requires more to get to bed the last few days) and it was really the best 15 minutes of the day..why don't I do that more? The sweet little bugger was actually still for 15 minutes with her eye lids getting heavier and heavier until finally she was out...so damn cute. I gave her about 5 kisses and she was just so yummy and so peacefully sleeping!

Moral of the story...spend more time with the kids and less time on bullshit daily crap :). Laundry, dishes dirty floors are your unconditional friends they will always be there!

October 5, 2010


Anyone who knows me knows I'm addicted to blue...love this picture of all these fun things at the American Sewing Expo! As Rachel Zoe says "I die"!