March 26, 2009

new babies

earlier in the month we had the pleasure of sending out 3 girl blankets
and 3 boy blankets for new celebrity babies,
congrats to all of our recipients.

Melanie Chisholm and partner Thomas Starr
(Scarlet Starr) Girl 2.22.2009
Constance Marie and fiance Kent Katich
(Luna Marie Katich) Girl 2.5.2009
Niki Taylor and husband Burney Lamar
(Ciel Taylor Lamar) Girl 3.5.2009

Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa
(Donald John Trump III) Boy 2.18.2009
Kevin Costner and wife Christine
(Hayes Logan Costner)Boy 2.12.2009
Tiger Woods and wife Elin
(Charlie Axel Woods) Boy 2.8.2009

32 days

I can't believe it's been over a month since I blogged last. My apologies for those of you who check in on me. My husband and I have been really focused the last few weeks with getting our lives and priorities organized. We are trying to simplify our lives and gain some freedom and enjoy more time with our family. Sometimes the process seems a bit like ground hog day but I can see the light and feel positive about the future. We just have to stick with our plan. I feel very lucky to have such an amazing husband and son and it's time to enjoy the simple pleasures and be thankful for what we have!