May 23, 2011


Took a really great trip to Napa with the hubby this weekend(no little people allowed).
We left early Saturday morning and dropped both kiddo's off at my father-in-laws house for the night. We basically peeled out of the driveway. It was the first time we've had a night alone with out both kids since Elle was born almost 1 1/2 years ago...way overdue! Note to self - make more time for hubby and I. On our way up we accidentally took the bay bridge 80 WEST instead of 80 EAST so we took a slight detour onto Treasure Island..oops. Actually is was a refreshing stop since it was such a beautiful day (and my husband had to "pee").

We arrived in Napa rather quickly and made our first stop at GOTTS for lunch. I put a Facebook post up and got all kinds of great suggestions for FB for that reason. I had a nice big juicy bacon cheese burger with these sinful garlic/parsley fries. went out the window this weekend! Anyways it was de-lish and a must stop when you are up there.
We didn't even check into the hotel and headed up to the Artesa Winery for a little tour and flight. Wine was so so..but the winery itself was beautiful and such amazing views. After our stop at Artesa we dashed up to the Hess Winery which was also a so beautiful and the wine was quite tasty here so we bought a couple bottles.

That night we decided to go to the Rutherford Grill for a late dinner! Another great restaurant. They have the most insane Corn bread(best I've ever had) and this homemade Oreo cookie dessert..yum! I was in a serious food coma after those two meals.

Sunday morning we headed to Boon Fly Cafe for breakfast and once again yummy! It was a perfect location on the Carneros HWY since we decided to take the scenic route home through Somoma county, over the golden gate and then down HWY 1.

I highly recommend all the above restaurants!
Here are some pics from the trip:

Our detour...looking out from Treasure island onto the Bay bridge!
View from Artessa....ahhh.

Hubs in front of Artesa!
Wine at Artessa!
More wine....
and just kept on going!

Plan a fun!

May 22, 2011


We're back!
Had a great weekend and will do a post all about the wine and food tomorrow! I wanted to keep my promise and announce the Winner of the blanket!
I had my handy assistant in his jammies help me.

He picked the name and opened it for me..all caught on camera!

Congrats to Renee!
Please shoot me an email at with your blanket selection and address so I can ship it out to you! Please give me your first and second choice just in case one is out of stock. p.s I have four new ones on my blog. Thanks for playing everyone!

May 20, 2011


Don't call CPS..I know I'm posting a picture of my daughter with a tear but it was post freak out and it had been sitting on her cheek for a while. I swear she was happy at this point. I just kinda liked it.

May 18, 2011

new fabric

We have some new fabric!
(Please excuse my photography skills...I know I need an intervention).

Numbers..let's count.
New owl's...the pink and blue owls will be so happy.
whales..finally some primary colors right?
And last but not least some strawberries...who doesn't love strawberries.

May 14, 2011


Honey do list #2 Paint...check!
We've lived here for almost 7 years and I don't know why we didn't' think to paint the house before...I feel like we got a makeover!

Front yard with our camouflage paint swatches.
Our house was this cream color w/white trim.
Don't mind the crap zone.
My office before
we(ha, my husband) recently built this and it's been naked(stucco only) for several months.

Drum roll

Front yard, after!

Backyard, after!

And...last but not least office...Ahh!
On to plant the veggie garden and plant some flowers!

flagstone in the backyard

The hubs (aka general contractor) got a welcomed two week break in between jobs and he hit the honey do list like a man on a mission!
Love him for that!

First order of business was the flagstone in our backyard. About 5 years ago we put in several palates of flagstone in with tiny pea gravel in between the cracks (not a good idea especially for little ones) and it has been a thorn in our side ever since.
The rocks(pea gravel) come out of the cracks and then sit on top of the flag stone and it hurts to walk on them. Not to mention the dog who has a minor case of spazitis (hyper) runs on them and even more rocks fly on top of the flagstone. Oh... and the lovely weeds that come up between the rocks are ugly and who has time to pull weeds with a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old. It is like playing hopscotch on every two inches but you land on rocks and not the know what I'm say'in. it is before! Notice the face on my child? Oh and pay no attention to my Shi**y photography skills. Rocks and weeds all over the place. Jagged edges, rocks, rocks and rocks..yuk!!

And now for after...Ahh. So thankful for contractor husband!

hazards of making blankets for your own babies

Over the last few months as my little one has gotten more mobile and I realize that sometimes it's a hazard to have her in the office.
When she was born I made her some thin blankets(don't sell them on the site, sorry) and so now every time she is in my office she takes a new one. It goes a little something like this:

In the office, baby spots the blankets in a nearby in bag!
Little toddler hands make contact on the blankets!

Insert thumb with blanket still in bag...ahhhh!
What else can I get my hands on?

May 6, 2011

Hi..still alive!

OMG. I've been slacking on posting these days! Been busy and just recently started blogging for my home town Scotts Valley Patch. Check out my first blog when you get a chance.

I have new fabrics (will take pictures this week) and my easy to love little critters are in production and on their way! I can't wait to update the site with them. They are the most adorable hand knitted little animals.

Thanks for checking in! More update soon!