August 31, 2009

need therapy

I've been totally obsessed with checking everyday at 8am..they have been having such great latest purchase was baby legs...I am SO in trouble now that I know I'm having a girl.

August 23, 2009

its a girl!

The bundle is adding a new addition to the clan and it's a little baby girl...due Jan 5th! We're super excited and a girl will give us lots of new creative thoughts and inspiration!


SIGG water bottles, which have long been perceived to be the eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles, has just confessed something that has sent huge ripples through the media - all of their bottles manufactured before August of last year actually DO contain BPA - according to a press statement made by Sigg CEO Steve Wasik. In case you aren’t familiar with the notorious chemical, Bisphenol A is an endocrine disruptor. Part of what made SIGG so popular in the first place was when SIGG marketing tactics involved pointing fingers at polycarbonate water bottle manufacturers - claiming that these types of bottles leached BPA. Not surprisingly, parents and eco-conscious consumers everywhere turned to SIGG bottles as a safe way to tote water on the go without being exposed to the dangerous effects of bisphenol-A, but there is a daunting sense of mistrust now that we learn we’ve been duped. Read on to see how SIGG was able to mislead us.

SIGG’s proprietary “water-based epoxy liner,” was indeed suspected of containing BPA, but representatives from the company released statements stating that the liner was never found to leach BPA in extensive tests. Reassuring to the public as that was, the whole thing was a matter of syntax. In actuality, SIGG is now admitting that their product did contain BPA, although it was never found to leach it. The tricky wording seems like it was a blatant attempt to draw our attention away from the truth, but there is no evidence of SIGG having lied - technically.
The shocking facts came to light when, one whole year after changing their liner to a new “EcoCare” BPA-free formula, SIGG fessed up. We’re happy to see that they have made an effort to rectify their mistake, but the lost trust won’t be easy to regain. Companies need to be forthcoming about what materials are in their products - especially when we are talking about children’s drinking and feeding products.
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August 17, 2009

cosmetic bags

I'm getting antsy to add something else to my line up...I think the next thing might be cosmetic bags. I myself am always in search of the perfect cosmetic bag to fit everything when I travel. Last week I decided to play around an make a little gift for 12 girls that I went on a girls trip with to Tahoe! Check em out...

August 13, 2009

I like a good bargain just like the next person and I found this website today baby steals which has a new bargain everyday until they're gone. Today they just happen to be having a sale on aden + anais and I've always wanted to try their products...50% off, can't beat it!

August 8, 2009


the people are never cease to amaze me, check out seapinks shop she has the cutest pincushions. I need one of these in my sewing room....adorable.

August 6, 2009

adorable splurge

Anyone have a baby about these cute lollipops!

Korres - Melon

I was at Sephora recently and discovered some amazing products, I purchased the Korres Melon body lotion and bath and shower gel...amazing! The best thing about it: