March 31, 2010

alphabet charm

I love Helen Ficalora's white gold alphabet charms but recently found another one by Maya brenner that is adorable! It looks super petite and feminine. Add it to the wish list...

March 29, 2010

new fabrics

When my son was born he received a cream blanket that he is now inseparable with. He wants to take it everywhere and always sleeps with it, typically referred to as "nigh, nigh". Needless to say it looks quite appalling (3 years later) and I can't break him of it. It's rather embarrassing since I have a blanket business, BUT in all fairness I launched my blanket business when he was 18 months old and already attached :). While searching for new fabrics I am always on the look out for something similar because it would be a nice addition to my inventory and I finally found something I like. I'll be launching some new blankets to replace what I call my basics (solid color with mini white polka dots). The blankets will be one piece of fabric so a lot thinner for the summer and super soft and cozy...stay tuned. Below are some fabric samples of the material and I also added a picture of my son's cream blanket (now kind of brownish) next to the new cream one that I will carry.

New Cream Fabric and my son's current Blanket

New Fabric Swatches

March 16, 2010

Pietra's Village of Hope

My good friend Ruby is gathering donations for her friend Pietra who was just recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Wishing them the best of luck with the donations and best wishes to her family during this really challenging time. The Bundle donated our pink paisley baby blanket that was spotted with Rebecca Romijn in Instyle Magazine and our mini pink polka dot blanket.

love these

I used to work at Ralph lauren and bought a pair of clogs that looked like these...I used to live in cute. However I'm really liking the sandals too!

March 5, 2010

Mad Hatters

The Mad Hatters is an amazing group of women in Santa Cruz that make and donate hand knitted hats to all the newborn babies at Dominican hospital. When Elle was born I received 3 of them from the nurses at the hospital (I think I was only supposed to get one but Elle was in the hospital for 7 days so she ended up with 3). Ironically my friend and next door neighbor Sue also gave me 2 hand knitted hats for Elle that were made by her friend Patt. It was just recently that I found out that Patt was a part of the Mad Hatters group. She asked me to take some pictures of Elle with her hats on and these are some of's really hard to take photo's of newborns.

March 2, 2010

cadburry mini eggs

Oh I am in big trouble. I'm trying to lose the last 10lbs. of Pregnancy weight but then of course it falls on my favorite time of the year when my favorite candy comes out. I've already managed to eat one bag and refrained from buying another at the store the other day! I'm hoping that all stores with in a 50 mile radius sell out fast!