June 29, 2011

easy to love critters

Yea! Our new friends (which I nick named "critters") are here! I am partnering with an extremely creative mama who lives in South Carolina and loves to knit!
Meet our new critters..they will be up on the website soon!

June 25, 2011

DIY site

I'm dying at the creative DIY genius that this woman is. I just came across her site in one of my 2-3 hour stints getting lost on the internet. Check it out, so inspiring to turn something that got hit with the ugly stick into something amazing. There are just so many creative people out there! Dying over here...


June 10, 2011

Beans (elle)

My baby is growing up..I don't know where the time is going!

new product pictures

I'm finally updating my website with new product pictures, remember don't judge me for my photography skills. I can't believe I took pictures of my blankets against that hideous white wall..someone forgot to give me an photog intervention!
Anyways here's a couple pictures!
The cute little table is from when I was a kid..I recently borrowed it indefinitely from my mom along with a little chair that has spindles on it. Chair is not photograph ready yet as it has paint splattered all over it. Hubs is loving me for adding that to the honey-do list to refinish :). It will be really cute though to use with my blankets in photographs!