October 17, 2011


I'm getting a little more tech savvy and upgraded and moved my blog.
You can not find me at www.thebundleshop.com/blog or

September 22, 2011


Once again I managed to find a new flash sale site, and found some really cute boots for Elle and my BFF's daughter. Here's a little mini shoot I did with her modeling them. I mean really who could pass up $14.99 for Hatley boots!

September 8, 2011

where is the sun?

Our garden this year is a bit pitiful this year due to the lack of sun...but at least beans was able to pick a tomato!

September 4, 2011

Tongue & Cheek words of wisdom at 38!

Disclaimer: this is taken from my life experiences and others shared thoughts- don't stone me in public if you see me making a mistake and not living by the below! P.S. I like to swear sometimes.

1. Marry for love; yes you and your partner will want to strangle each other sometimes but remember you're a team and everything is better shared!

2. Be thankful for what you have; there is always someone in a far worse circumstance.

3. If you don't like your situation get out of it; no one wants to hear the same complaints day after day, only you can change it and only you know what makes yourself happy.

4. Treat people as you would like them to treat you; DUH! And yes there are really some people out there that missed this day of school so don't surround yourself with them!

5. Apologize; this is painful for me to type, but yes, if you F up, apologize. I mean really when it comes down to it it's two words but it means the world to the other person!

6. The glass is half full; people are naturally attracted to positive people! If you're an ass you'll attract a**holes. If you're nice you'll attract nice people.

7. It is better to have one true friend than to have 25 acquaintances. True friends are there for you and don't judge you for being a jackass...because the next day they will be one :)!

8. Anything that is worth something takes work, hard work!

9. Accountability; be accountable for your finances, money in the bank equals freedom! Live with in your means.

10. Communicate; don't assume anything, you are not a mind reader. If you love someone tell them. If you need to give yourself a time out do it, and then communicate.

11. Kids; the most amazing creation the body can make and the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world. Remember...kids learn by example. Kids with big heads ruin your bladder...just say'in.

12. Take time to smell the roses; life is really about enjoying simple things.

13. Learn; teach yourself something new when you have the time, knowledge = power! Not that I'm a power freak but you get the point.

14. Put your self out there; great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things & small people talk about other people. We can do anything we "want" to and put our minds to.

15. Goals; give yourself goals even if it's as minor as cleaning out the garage. Everyone feels better when they are productive.

16. Exercise; calories in = calories out. If you did keg stands the night before get your arse to the gym the next day. We ain't getting any younger. The longer you put it off the more you'll need to work your ass off.

17. Grudge; don't hold grudges...there is no point!

18. Sunscreen; damn it..that baby oil in high school gave me a lot of freckles! Wear sunscreen if you don't want to look like the lady in "something about Mary"!

19. Pacifico is my favorite beer, everyone should drink some!

20. Work ethic; I defer to #8. You get what you put into it.

Off to celebrate with some friends and family!

August 26, 2011

last day at the beach...

Had an amazing week in Tahoe..we basically set up camp at the beach and the kids loved it. Here are some from the last day..

August 25, 2011

new L lens

Wow..I've had my new lens almost a week now and I can say that I am completely obsessed! Here a a couple from our vaca!

August 18, 2011

Stealth Winner!

Hey y'all!
Cole was sleeping so Elle just picked the winner for "if you read this entire post" blanket giveaway!
Here she is assessing the situation.

The winner is....
Yeah, Congrats Noche!
Noche, shoot me a message and let me know which blanket you want :). There must be another friend of yours having a baby?
P.S. Funny that everyone who entered loves Blue, my kind of peeps!

Happy Birthday to me...

I just purchased my birthday present and well anniversary present...I can't wait to use it! I'm a tad early but ya know a girls gotta have a nice lens to practice with on vacation.
It's arriving tomorrow...eeeeee!
A first taste at the L.

August 17, 2011

Pinterest #2

How about this cute purse...here's a tutorial link to making 10 different kids of totes. Just adorable..I love creative people. The problem is....when and I going to find time to try out all these tutorials!!

Pinterest #1

I am so obsessed with Pinterest that I'm going to start sharing all the fabulous ideas I find. How about these cute wrapped boxes with scrap material...so adorable.

August 15, 2011


Critter Winner announced!
Thank you all for entering and following me!
I love to give things away...everything is better shared!
I wrote down all the names and cut them out...my two assistants were there to help me! Surrounded by my fishbowl with names and critters(except the pink bunny..forgot that one)!

Cole is pondering which one he is going to play with
after I exploit him for the picture (muhhaa, little does he know he will not be playing with my inventory).

Pink bunny is missing again...oops!

And just for fun I thought I'd show you what my office looks like when it's 7:30 at night and I am trying to post something while entertaining my 2 offspring...pretty right...not!
Can't wait to clean that up!

Okay...drum roll!!!!

The winner is KATE RASCON!
Kate, please contact me to claim your critter of choice. Do it quick before my off spring get their hands on them and you get some drool with your critter!

**Thanks for playing...and guess what!
For the people that actually read all the way down to the bottom I am giving away a blanket this week! Winner will be picked on Thursday night and my office should look like the above again!
Not only because you read my rubbish but because I love ya and I love to give away blankets!
Simply post your favorite color on my wall and you will be entered to win!
Off to clean up the office....

July 10, 2011


The Hubs was channeling Herb Ritts in the back yard today and snapped this shot of my beans with her bundle blankie!

June 29, 2011

easy to love critters

Yea! Our new friends (which I nick named "critters") are here! I am partnering with an extremely creative mama who lives in South Carolina and loves to knit!
Meet our new critters..they will be up on the website soon!

June 25, 2011

DIY site

I'm dying at the creative DIY genius that this woman is. I just came across her site in one of my 2-3 hour stints getting lost on the internet. Check it out, so inspiring to turn something that got hit with the ugly stick into something amazing. There are just so many creative people out there! Dying over here...


June 10, 2011

Beans (elle)

My baby is growing up..I don't know where the time is going!

new product pictures

I'm finally updating my website with new product pictures, remember don't judge me for my photography skills. I can't believe I took pictures of my blankets against that hideous white wall..someone forgot to give me an photog intervention!
Anyways here's a couple pictures!
The cute little table is from when I was a kid..I recently borrowed it indefinitely from my mom along with a little chair that has spindles on it. Chair is not photograph ready yet as it has paint splattered all over it. Hubs is loving me for adding that to the honey-do list to refinish :). It will be really cute though to use with my blankets in photographs!

May 23, 2011


Took a really great trip to Napa with the hubby this weekend(no little people allowed).
We left early Saturday morning and dropped both kiddo's off at my father-in-laws house for the night. We basically peeled out of the driveway. It was the first time we've had a night alone with out both kids since Elle was born almost 1 1/2 years ago...way overdue! Note to self - make more time for hubby and I. On our way up we accidentally took the bay bridge 80 WEST instead of 80 EAST so we took a slight detour onto Treasure Island..oops. Actually is was a refreshing stop since it was such a beautiful day (and my husband had to "pee").

We arrived in Napa rather quickly and made our first stop at GOTTS for lunch. I put a Facebook post up and got all kinds of great suggestions for food..love FB for that reason. I had a nice big juicy bacon cheese burger with these sinful garlic/parsley fries. Yikes..diet went out the window this weekend! Anyways it was de-lish and a must stop when you are up there.
We didn't even check into the hotel and headed up to the Artesa Winery for a little tour and flight. Wine was so so..but the winery itself was beautiful and such amazing views. After our stop at Artesa we dashed up to the Hess Winery which was also a so beautiful and the wine was quite tasty here so we bought a couple bottles.

That night we decided to go to the Rutherford Grill for a late dinner! Another great restaurant. They have the most insane Corn bread(best I've ever had) and this homemade Oreo cookie dessert..yum! I was in a serious food coma after those two meals.

Sunday morning we headed to Boon Fly Cafe for breakfast and once again yummy! It was a perfect location on the Carneros HWY since we decided to take the scenic route home through Somoma county, over the golden gate and then down HWY 1.

I highly recommend all the above restaurants!
Here are some pics from the trip:

Our detour...looking out from Treasure island onto the Bay bridge!
View from Artessa....ahhh.

Hubs in front of Artesa!
Wine at Artessa!
More wine....
and more..it just kept on going!

Plan a trip...so fun!

May 22, 2011


We're back!
Had a great weekend and will do a post all about the wine and food tomorrow! I wanted to keep my promise and announce the Winner of the blanket!
I had my handy assistant in his jammies help me.

He picked the name and opened it for me..all caught on camera!

Congrats to Renee!
Please shoot me an email at J@thebundleshop.com with your blanket selection and address so I can ship it out to you! Please give me your first and second choice just in case one is out of stock. p.s I have four new ones on my blog. Thanks for playing everyone!

May 20, 2011


Don't call CPS..I know I'm posting a picture of my daughter with a tear but it was post freak out and it had been sitting on her cheek for a while. I swear she was happy at this point. I just kinda liked it.

May 18, 2011

new fabric

We have some new fabric!
(Please excuse my photography skills...I know I need an intervention).

Numbers..let's count.
New owl's...the pink and blue owls will be so happy.
whales..finally some primary colors right?
And last but not least some strawberries...who doesn't love strawberries.