February 24, 2009


I'm DYING to go shopping and unfortunately since my husband and I started our financial diet (along with the rest of the world) I'm left to the cheap thrills of adding things in my shopping cart and then logging out :(. Tonight I decided to look at shopbop, one of my favorite sites. I quickly started clicking "add to cart" several times, especially summer sandals and really cute scarfs which I'm obsessed with. I think scarves are the greatest accessory and make the basic jeans and tee-shirt outfit look really cute! Here are a couple of things that I found. I wish I was irresponsible sometimes!!

I LOVE this color scarf!

I've always wanted a pair of tall black boots!

I need to start wearing some shoes with height...

so cute!

Love these for some summer color!

February 23, 2009

cadbury mini eggs

This is possibly the best and the worst time of the year for me! I was in the grocery store on Sunday and passed by the Easter candy. My FAVORITE candy was there and it took all my will power to walk by it and not shove about 10 bags under the vegetables in my cart! Boo hoo..I am still thinking about them!!! Try them and I swear you will not be sorry..crisp outside shell with yummy chocolate inside. There is NO goopie stuff in the inside like the original cadbury eggs..everyone must try these!!!

February 18, 2009

anne dudek & matt heller

Today I got a really sweet thank you note from Anne Dudek (best known as an actor on big love and mad men) and Matt Heller. Congrats to them on their first baby!

February 17, 2009

4 more blankets out the door

It's baby season and I'm sending out some more blankets today to include in the jewels and pinstripes celebrity baby bags!
Recipients include:
Erykah Badu and boyfriend Jay Electronica -girl: Mars Merkaba
David Eigenberg and wife Chrysti -baby boy: Louie Steven Eigenber
Jo Dee Messina and husband Chris Deffenbaugh -baby boy Noah Roger Deffenbaugh
Bear Grylls and wife Shara - baby boy: Huckleberry Edward Jocelyne Grylls

February 15, 2009


I haven't blogged in a while (daily life has been getting in the way and then all of a sudden a week goes by)! I'm super excited for this Wednesday to come. I'm taking a "working with leather" class and can't wait! I love making new things and can't wait to create some new things like wallets, bags and business card holders! I'm dreaming about making a really cute brightly colored tote bag with rich leather brown straps!

February 7, 2009


I've been addicted to etsy.com again and found the cutest little dishes from a little store called palomasnest. There is a really sweet one for valentines day!