August 26, 2011

last day at the beach...

Had an amazing week in Tahoe..we basically set up camp at the beach and the kids loved it. Here are some from the last day..

August 25, 2011

new L lens

Wow..I've had my new lens almost a week now and I can say that I am completely obsessed! Here a a couple from our vaca!

August 18, 2011

Stealth Winner!

Hey y'all!
Cole was sleeping so Elle just picked the winner for "if you read this entire post" blanket giveaway!
Here she is assessing the situation.

The winner is....
Yeah, Congrats Noche!
Noche, shoot me a message and let me know which blanket you want :). There must be another friend of yours having a baby?
P.S. Funny that everyone who entered loves Blue, my kind of peeps!

Happy Birthday to me...

I just purchased my birthday present and well anniversary present...I can't wait to use it! I'm a tad early but ya know a girls gotta have a nice lens to practice with on vacation.
It's arriving tomorrow...eeeeee!
A first taste at the L.

August 17, 2011

Pinterest #2

How about this cute's a tutorial link to making 10 different kids of totes. Just adorable..I love creative people. The problem is....when and I going to find time to try out all these tutorials!!

Pinterest #1

I am so obsessed with Pinterest that I'm going to start sharing all the fabulous ideas I find. How about these cute wrapped boxes with scrap adorable.

August 15, 2011


Critter Winner announced!
Thank you all for entering and following me!
I love to give things away...everything is better shared!
I wrote down all the names and cut them two assistants were there to help me! Surrounded by my fishbowl with names and critters(except the pink bunny..forgot that one)!

Cole is pondering which one he is going to play with
after I exploit him for the picture (muhhaa, little does he know he will not be playing with my inventory).

Pink bunny is missing again...oops!

And just for fun I thought I'd show you what my office looks like when it's 7:30 at night and I am trying to post something while entertaining my 2 offspring...pretty right...not!
Can't wait to clean that up!

Okay...drum roll!!!!

The winner is KATE RASCON!
Kate, please contact me to claim your critter of choice. Do it quick before my off spring get their hands on them and you get some drool with your critter!

**Thanks for playing...and guess what!
For the people that actually read all the way down to the bottom I am giving away a blanket this week! Winner will be picked on Thursday night and my office should look like the above again!
Not only because you read my rubbish but because I love ya and I love to give away blankets!
Simply post your favorite color on my wall and you will be entered to win!
Off to clean up the office....