September 24, 2009

another brilliant mom invention hits the market

Yet again two moms have come up with an amazing product for kids...crazyoleez. Such a simple concept yet so brilliant. Forget chasing all those crayons around, they're all melted in one cute shape.

September 18, 2009

New Pic's

My talented friend and photographer Pascale Wowak let me borrow her daughter and also took some ABSOLUTELY adorable pics of her daughter with one of my new blanket colors...they'll be updated on the website as soon, as I get my act together :). Such a talented photographer...she took these and about 30 others in about 10 minutes! I wish I had a smidgen of her talent.

Here's a preview:

need therapy #2

So with the economy the way it is and the fact that everyone is scaling back on many things I've recently become addicted to these sale websites that have 2-3 day sales with most things being at least 50% off. You never know what kind of sale is going to be happening and they range from womens clothes, women's accessories, children's wear, mens wear etc.
Every morning I get emails from these sites and it tells me what the sale of the day's totally addicting because it's a great way to buy birthday presents, shower gifts and of course stuff for the new little girl we'll be adding to the family.

Here are my 3 most addicting sites:

Baby Steals
Haute Look
Billion Dollar Babes

Today on Haute Look there is an adorable kids brand called "kit & lili". Here is some of the stuff they're are selling...adorable.