November 30, 2008

Turkey Day!

We decided to stay home and have a relaxing Turkey day in our sweats this year. Our good friend Rick came over and it was the first time we've cooked a turkey and also the first time cooking all the fixin's. It takes some serious skill to time everything so it's all is ready together! Everything turned out awesome and I think we might even be able to host next time!

November 26, 2008


I went to the gym last night and spent nearly two hours working out, I did the rowing machine for 20 minutes for a little arm toning and then was on the elliptical machine for 90 minutes..I felt so good after I left! If only I could squeeze in 2 hours of working out everyday!

The best part about it was that the entire time I was watching the food network! I love the "Tyler's Ultimate" show! Tomorrow for Turkey day I'm going to try his corn bread stuffing recipe and I'm also making this insane chocolate caramel torte from the show "cooking loft by Alex Guarnaschelli". The torte looks like a chocolate cake but with a thin layer of caramel on the top for a little crunch...YUM! And OK..I confess I was watching Oprah too, she had a great show about secrets to staying young!

another great quote!

"If you're grateful for the things that have always happened to you, sometimes they're not always good, but you find lessons and meaning in them,"

Quotes of the day!

"I realized the world is not going to come to me. I need to go to the world,"

"if you're not being talked about you're not doing anything"

November 24, 2008


I often dream about having my own office space and having it set up like this! Pottery barn always has the cutest rooms! One day, I'll have a cute little island like this in the middle of the office for my sewing and projects.

2008 is almost over

I can't believe 2008 is almost over..I just ordered my new calendar today from see jane work I love the whomi calendar! It has a ton of space to write extra stuff and to do lists!

November 23, 2008

Holiday Show

I just got back from my second holiday show! We had a really great turn out and my booth was looking really cute with the help of my sweet friend Ruby! Time to kick my feet up, I'm exhausted!

November 16, 2008


My really sweet and ALWAYS thoughtful friend Katie came over yesterday to drop off mickey ears that she brought back for my son from her trip down to Disneyland with her husband and two girls (the stars of my website, she let me take all kinds of photo's of them while dangling the family cat over my head...we were dying of laugher and almost pee'd our pants). Anyways...she also brought me this really sweet candle as a congrats on the success of my business. I love this candle and I think it's quite fitting that there is a wrapped bundle blanket and burp cloth in the back ground because as long as I'm doing this I will always be happy! Nice people rock...thanks KH!

November 14, 2008

thank you notes!

Sometimes it's really hard to self motivate when you have your own business because it's just me in the office and there is no "office camaraderie". Around 2 today I walked to the mail box and picked up the mail. I always thumb through it really quickly on the way back in the house to see if there is anything good to open right away or just put it on the counter to go through later.

I saw a hand written letter addressed to the bundle and let out a quick squeak of excitement. I had no idea what it was but loved that I was getting something personal for my business.

I received the sweetest thank you note from Anna Belknap (best known for being an actor on CSI: NY, Lindsay Moore) and her husband Eric Seigel. They have a little girl and are expecting again! Best Wishes Anna and Eric, your thank you note made my day and I got a whole new burst of motivation!

November 11, 2008

2 naps today...

Cole took two naps today! So... during the second nap I was able to go through the remainder of our home grown tomatoes and cook them up to freeze them for safe keeping. There is nothing better than the smell of onions, garlic, jalapenos and fresh tomatoes cooking on the stove...and all from our own that! Thank gawd my husband loves to garden.

Babes and Babies Show

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while! I've been recovering from the Babes and Babies event (which was great) and getting ready for the next one (Pink Taffy Trunk show at Peachwoods on November 23rd). Babes and Babies was my first show and it was really fun! My dear friend KC assisted me with her adorable son Hudson and we had a great time and sold lots of blankets and burp cloths! Probably the best thing was I learned so much and figured out what I want to do next time! Here are a few pictures.

November 4, 2008


I wish my hair was this thick! Loved this wig!
This is the monkey with our really good friend Rick a.k.a "the manny".

November 2, 2008

my sewing reality sets in...

After a weekend of two halloween parties, mother-in-law in town, pedicure (way overdue) and a birthday party, my sewing reality set in! I was trying to get some sewing done this afternoon while my husband watched our son (who kept coming into the office where I was) and then finally after a few hours I threw in the towel. I put Elmo on my computer and he finally sat still for a while. I was able to arrange my show booth table a bit and reorganize ALL the sewing I have to jam in this week! Good thing about having so much to do is that I'm excited to do it and look forward to the show this weekend! It's always a good feeling when I like what I do! p.s a bomb went off in my office but look closely and you can see my son's head in the chair in the first picture and in the second picture he's like where are you going?