September 22, 2010


If I invest in this stroller will it motivate me to run everyday or at least
commit to going on a walk?

September 14, 2010

retail therpy

Does anyone shop retail anymore?
Pre-kids I had a serious shopping addiction for handbags, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, home goods...okay well anything that had to do with shopping (First step to recovery is admitting the problem). Everyday I receive emails from the below websites which are typically at least 50% off everything they sell. I recovered from my retail addiction now on to the next one, sale sites:).


I'm obsessed with trying to figure out how to take amazing pictures with my 6 year old canon rebel before I take the plunge and buy the canon rebel TI (see prior post)...I'm still a work in progress as it seems to be taking me longer than expected. The fact that my subject keeps on drooling on everything isn't helping me ;)



Want this!

September 9, 2010


Making Our Best Decisions
When making a decision, gather your information then sit with it and marinate
as long as it takes to become clear.
Sometimes when we need to make a decision, we can become overwhelmed or feel pressured into coming to a conclusion immediately. Often, a decision isn’t required right away, and the sense of urgency we feel is merely a limitation that we’ve placed upon ourselves. Once we’ve determined that we do have the time to make a wise choice for ourselves, we can release the pressure with a deep breath, like steam from a pressure cooker, and proceed to make the best use of our time. The best first step may be to gather all the facts we can find. Once we have all the logical information we need, we can allow ourselves to sit with it and soak it up. Like a good recipe, we can allow ourselves to marinate in the juices of intellectual understanding while also adding our own spices made up of our feelings, our intuition, and any other considerations. We can taste the recipe for readiness as we go in order to decide if more time or ingredients are needed.
We might want to take time to visualize ourselves playing out the various scenarios to see which feels the best, remind ourselves of our goals, or merely sit silently in meditation, listening for guidance. Any of these techniques can add depth and flavor to the recipe of our decisions. We can allow ourselves to sit with our choices for whatever length of time is needed, whether it is a day, a week, a month or longer. Doing so gives our hearts, minds and spirits the chance to align, allowing us to make a decision that is right for us. Other times, we may need to let the wisdom of the universe unfold for us at its own rate, allowing our growth and realizations to sync up with the universe’s secret and essential ingredients so that all of the flavors are ready at the same time. When we allow ourselves the time to sit and allow understanding to sink in, we can cocreate the best decision possible for ourselves and for everyone involved.

September 8, 2010


We went on vacation and took some pictures of Elle on one of the paisley medallion blankets I brought, couldn't quite get a smile out of her.